Major Shift In Cable News Coverage After 2012 Election Cycle

The Cable TV Industry has gotten numerous gifts from the government. They have lobbied for barriers to entry into the business it operates for far long enough. This is why these businesses are paying the American citizens for massive amounts of cash every day. Television was once freeand was funded by advertising. In the present, you can still enjoy advertisements, but you must pay huge amounts of money and majority of programs and content are repeats.

A lot of people think they require cable TV in order to keep up on the latest news. However, I’d like to suggest for you the cable news on TV has done nothing other than slammed down the American citizens and aren’t fulfilling their promise. The news isn’t great. Let’s discuss this, shall we?

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In the three-day weekend and the next weekend actually following the election on November 6 was a time when we saw the news media omitting much of the world news and broadcasting reruns and special programming, identical clips, interviews and specials repeatedly time and again, almost every hour and yet there was there was no mention of Middle East issues, major earthquakes, or any other major events.

In fact, I thought it was quite interesting Saturday night , when Hamas fired missiles of industrial quality and rockets into Israel and I was able to receive numerous news alerts via e-mail but there was no news on the TV. The cable news stations were filled with news, it was like no one was workingand there was none of the foreign communications. What could this be, I thought? Did there happen to be a blackout of our media by the government or was the media instructed not to report on the incident?

Or are the cable news media a shambles with no advertising that is being paid to support the presidential election and they’re unable to keep all reporters from all over the globe working to report the news. It’s a frightening thought and I noticed that following the election , there’s been fewer journalists who are in Washington DC following up on the news stories. The most they report on are those that is the most popular among the paparazzi-driven mindset of the American citizens.

The worst part is that all cable TV news channels follow the same news stories and skip all other news. I’m convinced that the news is and is now pretty useless. They simply give us the information we would like to hear, put on nice graphics, give us some arguments and then cut off everyone during their sentences, and then take an abrupt break, followed by another commercial. The cable TV companies increase the volume of the commercials to make it impossible to even think. I’m not a conspiracy nut however there is something happening here that doesn’t seem right.

If cable TV channels aren’t able to do better than this in their programming I don’t believe the American citizens need them anymore. Let competition come into the picture, and let the free market decide, which may let the costs fall – as for the content they’re providing us, it’s completely absurd to me – which is my personal opinion, and I’m going to stick with it. In fact, I would like you to take a moment to think about this issue and reflect on the issue.

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