Insurance Agency Vlogging – Staying Ahead Of The Insurance Marketing Curve

Insurance Agency Websites, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Blogging – there’s plenty to keep up with to stay current and reaching a specific market. The markets that agencies target can be horizontal (businesses that have between $1 million and $10 million in sales) or vertical (transportation businesses and owner operators) as well as extremely vast in their scope (personal lines, for instance). Marketing for insurance agencies should direct content to a specific audience. The first step towards this is the development of a high-quality blog. After that and in order to ensure that an agency is ahead of the trend, agents must seriously think about vlogging as an essential element of their insurance company’s web-based marketing strategy.

Vlogs are video blog Vlogs are at the forefront in the field of marketing on the web for insurance agencies. Vlogs may, and should be video clips of a short length that are not more than one minute long. They should, of course, appear professional, with excellent sound quality and images, and should be uploaded to the insurance agency’s website, usually in close proximity to the agency’s blog(s). For agencies looking to expand their reach or want for their videos to be taken to the highest level, vlogs may be uploaded to a separate YouTube channel. YouTube can aid in the insurance industry’s SEO and optimization of search marketing. At this point many agents are thinking, “Is this really necessary?” Although vlogging isn’t required, it is essential and beneficial due to the following reasons:

1. It’s not necessary until the day that an agency discovers that they’re the only one who isn’t doing it. In the past there were many agencies that scoffed at “needing” a professional website to be competitive. Nowadays, no agency is without one. Soon, the same can be true about SEO as well as Social Media Marketing. Vlogging is no different. As the younger generation that is Facebook and YouTube consumers

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will soon be making buying choices, video and vlogging will be part of the foundations of any insurance agency’s web-based marketing strategy.

2. The use of video content can help increase the efficiency of insurance agency SEO. Videos on the insurance agency’s website will help increase SERP rankings. The SEO boost is a significant proportional increase when combined with an agency’s YouTube channel. YouTube is the third most popular and highly indexed website worldwide. YouTube is being increasingly utilized by companies to reach their customers in areas that they spend the most time. A company is missing out on an excellent (and free) chance if they do not have videos on YouTube.

3. Video and vlogging can provide an edge in competition for numerous agencies. In a period where it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate one agency’s offerings from the other Vlogging and video could aid in delivering content in a unique and professional manner. Imagine a scenario in which producers from Agency A, and from Agency B are both after the same client. The producer from Agency A gives the prospect an ID card, a business card, and a long brochure. The producer from Agency B takes from an iPhone and shows the prospective an official 30 second video of a client who is raving about the agency’s solutions. Which agency is the best?

4. Video is fascinating and cool. There’s no better way to describe it than that – we are living in a video-centric culture and no amount of copy, print, or even speech will ever be as good as the quality of a professional video. Generations X and Y will continue to search for information differently than traditional marketing did a few years ago. It is crucial that marketers adapt their strategies to meet the needs, wants, and needs of a new generation of consumers.

The only constant is the evolution in the field of marketing, and for insurance agencies web-based marketing is an logical extension of any outreach program for brokers or agencies. One of the most recent tools available in the marketing toolbox is a vlog. It’s recommended to think about adding this feature sooner rather than later.

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