Youth: A Critical Stage in Life

I love writing for young people like me, not because older generations know better and don’t need the details (which is true and should be reading it) however, because the psyche of a young person is one that is easily and quickly adaptable to both positive influences (principles and knowledge, facts) on life, or the negative influences that are prevalent in our society.

The young life is the time when characters are developed as values are formulated and decisions are made. The decisions and choices that will alter our lives, and possibly the next generations, despite the current situation are made during this stage of life. Steven Covey, who was an author and a great teacher, wrote “I am not a product of my circumstance. I am a product of my decisions.” This is why we need inspiration and motivation focused on decision-making and a constant determination to stay on the right path, without falling off the track along the track.

The path to enlightenment is only a the willingness of individuals to learn. Information is information, which is itself power. If we are educated we are able to clearly identify the purpose of your life.
Every person has a reason to be on earth. We didn’t just walk into the world to consume goods and services, go to college or find a job and get married, then have children, and then die. Or did we? It would be a life that was completely wasted. Albert Schuster once said, “the tragedy of life is not that we die, but what dies inside a man while he lives.”

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We also have the privilege to have access to the information that people before us wrote down and compiled, so that their wisdom and understanding were acquired through their experiences and a careful study of their lives is readily available to us.
The world is changing in various forms. Information is growing at a rapid rate. Studies have shown that every 60 seconds 2000 pages of typewritten text are added to the knowledge of man and the information produced every day takes a person five years to digest. Computer memory can calculate six million words per second and store them in permanent memory. it’s as fast as taking in the entire Bible in a single second. Therefore, anyone at any time in time has something to learn from life.
The majority of the time, the real value isn’t in the studying and reading, but rather in the application. Sometimes, we listen to inspirational words and then think “wow, I should do that” to something that is worth trying , but we do that and then forget about the thought. Why not apply it?

If you’ve already found your goal, you can build upon it. Whatever worthy endeavor you’ve completed, do your best. You can push yourself. Try it 2x or 10x the rate. Do twice as much exercise and write five times as long than you usually do, or study 10 times as long. Try to challenge yourself to overcome some limitations and beliefs you are able to set.
In closing I’ll tell you the story of a student who sent a letter to famous preacher Henry Ward Beecher, asking the question of how he could land an ‘easy job’. The Rev. Beecher answered, “if that’s your attitude, You’ll never amount to anything. You cannot be an editor or become a lawyer or even think of entering the ministry. None of these professions are easy. You will have to forget the fields of merchandising and shipping, abhor the practice of politics, and forget about the difficult field of medicine. To be a farmer or even good soldier, you must study and think. My son, you have come into a hard world. I know of only one easy place in it, and that is in the grave.”
I’ll end here for now and come back next time.

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