Critical Thinking: Is The Mainstream Media The Real Virus?

If someone has paid an excessive amount of attention to the mainstream media in the last two years, there’s a likelihood that they’ll hold a certain opinion about Coronavirus as well as all of the variants which have appeared and are likely to appear over time. If they’re concerned, the Coronavirus and its variants could be considered to be extremely dangerous.

As a result of this, it’s essential for them to have every vaccine and booster available and follow all the regulations, no matter the age of their children. Most likely, they’ll have a number of people around them who behave in the exact same manner.

Stepping Back

Now, if they were to take a step back at least for several minutes and reflect on how they view the virus in this manner the first thing that might pop into their mind is what they have learned from traditional media. The words of newsreaders, along with experts and governmental figures will have an enormous impact on their perspective.

They may also know at the very least one person who passed away or is believed have died due to it. However the information they’ve been told by the people above can be what is primarily behind how they perceive reality.

The Truth

But, if they do not participate in this process and examine the reasons why they view this virus in the way that they do, how they see the virus will just be viewed as a reflection of what it is. Also, their perception of the virus won’t be influenced by what they’ve been taught or heard about it; it will just be a reflection of how dangerous it can be.

If they meet an individual who doesn’t take note of the mainstream media, it is likely to not be surprising if they encounter conflict. One person will have one perspective, while the other is likely to have a completely different perspective.

Two Experiments

The person who is suffering from the condition can spend much of the time worried and anxious and may never leave their home. They might believe that the other person simply doesn’t realise how dangerous the disease is. They need to wake up and may describe them as an conspiracy theorist.

On the contrary, one might discover that, in general, their inner state hasn’t really changed and is happy to go on in the same manner, and as regular as possible , and is doing all they can to help naturally enhance their immune system. In their mind, they could believe that the other person has been taught to be apprehensive about the virus due to what they’ve been taught by the media and needs to ‘wake up’.

A. The Power of Fear

If the person who was being questioned had a different lifestyle and was also plugged into this information source it is possible that they would have a different perspective. However, if someone were being fed fear, day after day or month after month year after year, what else would they be?

It is believed that perception is reality, so if someone has been continuously told how harmful a virus can be and the consequences of it, this knowledge will influence how they live their life. It is irrelevant if there is evidence against their beliefs or if it’s possible for them to naturally improve their immune system because they have been programmed to see reality by a certain lens.

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The Big illusion

However, this source makes it appear that they’re providing information about what’s happening but nothing more and not even less, and it is possible to see oneself as just an observer of reality, they won’t be able to see the way in which what they’re told goes into their creative consciousness and determines what they experience and don’t experience. Ultimately, the media is not just imparting information to people they are being conditioned to view reality in a particular way since it’s impossible for them to be a passive observer of reality.

This sheds an understanding of how powerful they, and their fellow human beings are. Because of the power humans and other humans possess to make their personal reality, it implies that every human being also has the ability to create a totally different world.
An Analogy

With that aside, taking into account the part of the media is being involved in the activities going on, if the virus were an organization that wanted to keep everyone in fear and to take control of them and to control them, the media would become the mouthpiece for it. This organisation would be dangerous without a doubt but, without this component of its operation, it wouldn’t be able to have the same level of control.

However, it isn’t appropriate to claim that what’s going on is anything new , as this source has been pumping out propaganda for years, with a lot of people afraid of a myriad of other things due to what this source has told them to fear. This is like the same old business.

Final Thoughts

However, as simple to imagine it as perpetrating this act and a large portion of humanity as victims, a perception which is not likely to result in any change, it will only be true on a single level. What also needs to be looked into is why this source can manipulate people; what’s within their minds that make them vulnerable to this propaganda?

Are they tapping into the fears of a citizen’s unresolved and unresolved trauma? A person in this situation is at risk of being in a vulnerable circumstance, and, by using the right words, images and sound, the source, along with the government, can gradually draw them , promising to safeguard them, and, finally, to lead them wherever they desire.

Author, transformational writer, educator and consultant Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis is a comprehensive look at every aspect of human transformation that include love, partnerships and self-love. He also discusses self-worth, self-worth, the inner child and awareness. With more than two thousand, eight hundred in-depth pieces that explore human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound tips.

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